I am a creator dedicated to precision and simplicity, crafting solutions that bridge complexity and clarity. With 14+ years in design, I have navigated the worlds of luxury consumer goods, furniture, UI/UX, branding, hardware design, and corporate sustainable innovations - transforming abstract ideas and concepts into tangible success stories. 

My advocacy for beauty and sustainability threads through each design choice, with a particular focus on Color, Material, and Finish (CMF). I am deeply intrigued by the transformative power of emerging technologies—AI, robotics, or wearables—and how they reshape our world. Design is not just about aesthetics but crafting a future where our interactions are more meaningful, sustainable, and functional. 

Beyond the products, services, and projects, I ardently believe in cultivating the next generation of designers. As a lecturer and mentor, I have shared my passion and insights with students at the University of California Berkeley and Universities and Schools from Europe to Asia, such as the University of the Arts Berlin, Zurich School of Management, and Fulbright University Vietnam. Through my talks on design futures and workshops on strategic foresight, I envision a future where design is not merely about form but also the profound transformation of how we interact, live, and imagine the world ahead.

I work as Head of Design at Schoolab, a global innovation consulting company. Leading corporate strategic foresight projects, integrating Gen AI into design operations, and building out design practice across US, Europe, and Asia offices. 

Digital fabrication, CNC machinery, laser cutting/engraving, 3D printing, power tools (wood, steel), soldering/electronics, welding, vacuum forming, cut & sew, pattern making

Adobe Creative Suite, Rhinoceros 3D, Fusion 360 CAD, Keyshot, Microsoft Suite, Figma, Miro, Notion, ProCreate, HTML, CSS, Raspberry Pi, Ultimaker Cura, Midjourney, Dall-E, Lexica AI, ChatGPT 

Rapid prototyping, design thinking, competitive analysis, user interviews, affinity diagramming, moodboarding, hand sketching, storyboarding, storytelling, scriptwriting, strategic foresight, design fiction, team building, Scrum, Lean Startup, Open Innovation

German, English (bilingual)

Clients Freelance and full-time employment
Xiaomi, Leica, Calvin Klein, Coach 1941, Strenesse, Mynuka Berlin, Mustang Jeans, Schuchard & Friese, Sola Germany, Bogner, Aigner Munich, Rene Storck, Marios Schwab

Consulting work as Head of Design at Schoolab (SL Group)
JLL, Bouygues Group, Schneider Electric, Chanel, Stellantis, Credit Agricole,  Sonasid, Method, Electrolux, Procter & Gamble, Grove, Johnsonville
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